Oh my, the RX100 is not alone, the G7X is here.

The Queen is dead, long live the queen!

The days of the high-end compact camera monarchy by the Sony RX100 are over. It had ruled for two years and with an impressive three generation dynasty, and with only the Canon G1X Mark II taking a small part of its otherwise dominated market.

Enter the G7X, with a body just as small, a sensor just as large, apertures just as wide and an LCD screen that goes over the top. Literally.


But then comes the surprise – the G7X’s initial price is a $100 lower than that of the RX100 III, at $699 – making it the most proficient camera you can put in your jeans pocket.


Here’s a comparison between the G7X and the RX100 (click here for the actual comparison page):


Looks like Canon just did the unthinkable, and created a true RX100 killer.

You can support this site and pre-order the G7X from B&H, Amazon or Adorama.



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