Nikon 1 J5 Joins The Selfie Family

Nikon announced their latest addition to the 1 series – the J5. It’s a petite camera, replacing the small but mighty J4, which I reviewed last year.

Compared to the J4, this new camera is ever so slightly smaller in size, but it adds a few eggs to the basket. It uses a new 20.8 megapixel sensor, NFC connectivity and 4K video resolution, though only at 15fps which will probably steer most users to using 1080p60.

The most striking feature added to the J5 is a 180 degree upwards flipping touch screen which allows taking selfies. Just not long ago Panasonic announced their selfie supporting GF7, which is just a bit larger in size and also has a larger micro four thirds sensor.


Click here for a comparison of the J5 vs. the GF7.

Although the J5 uses a newer processor, the Expeed 5A, it retains the high speeds of its predecessor, with up to 20 shots per second with AF or 60 fps with locked focus. Read my review of the J4 to see the full variety of speed shooting it provides. Perhaps the new processor will speed up the general functionality of the camera, such as when saving all those high burst shots and being ready to shoot again.

Click here for a comparison of the J5 vs. the J4.

The J5 will sell for $496 with its 10-30mm kit lens and $646 for a dual kit 10-30mm & 30-100mm lenses. Pre-orders are already available and the J5 is expected to be in stock by April 30th.

Nikon 1 J5 basic lens kit ($496) – B&H | Amazon | Adorama
Nikon 1 J5 dual lens kit ($646)- B&H | Amazon | Adorama



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  1. Hi, Can you comment How good Nikon J5 for traveler and for taking street photography and micro photography. How is the sharpness of the picture ?

    I travel a lot and take street photography, landscapes and few food photography(micro shoots). Your suggestion will help me a lot.

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