A jack of all trades! Fuji X-T2 review posted.

Just posted my full review of the Fuji X-T2.

So it highly resembles the camera it replaces, the body looks mostly the same, size and weight are practically identical, so what’s different about it?
Megapixels: 24.3 vs 16.3
Focus points: 325 vs 49
PD points: 91 vs none
Video resolution: 4K vs FHD
Continuous speed: 14fps vs 8fps
Card slots: 2 vs. 1 “

“Image quality, detail level, outrageous colors and noise levels at high ISO’s accompany magnificent focus capabilities (continuous tracking as well as single shots in low light) and a fast and quiet shutter, creating a truly impressive system. The X-T2 is not perfect, but it’s very close, close to being perfectly suitable for every and any task.”

My video review of the X-T2 is also available here:



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