Sony A5000 – the cheapest APS-C sensor camera kit.

For $298 – the Sony A5000 is now the cheapest APS-C sized sensor based mirrorless camera kit available on the market.   In order to get this unbelievably low price for the A5000 with its kit 16-50mm lens, buy it from Amazon, from the ‘new’ options and wait for it to go back in stock. The Panasonic […]

Sony RX100MIII, Fuji X30, Panasonic GX7 & Sony A6000 Walkthrough


Just published – my walkthrough of the RX100 Mark III, Fuji X30, Panasonic GX7 and Sony A6000, all with some similar physical characteristics, but hugely different internals. Be sure to watch and subscribe! Here’s what they look like side by side: Get any of these great cameras from Amazon: Sony A6000: Panasonic GX7: […]

FujiFilm X-T1, Panasonic GX7 & Sony A6000 Low Light Focus Test


I had a chance to test the Fuji X-T1, the Sony A6000 and the Panasonic GX7 together, so I checked how their fast AF systems compared. It’s a low light test, with different results than in good lighting conditions (watch it to see how and why). I also tested these three cameras for high ISO […]

Mirrorless, mirroless on the wall, which is the fairest of them all?


These three mouth-watering cameras are now on my desk. I’ll try to find out which of them is better. I probably won’t get a single conclusive answer to that question, but I sure as hell will have fun trying. If you have any special comparison requests, please write me at, thanks! Please come back […]