Is this a 4:3 killer? Canon introduces the G1X Mark II.


Canon’s PowerShot G1X generated high hopes and expectations as a true alternative to carrying heavy DSLR gear. Its 1.5″ sensor, slightly larger than those in 4:3 cameras, was at the core of this yearning, but the while package didn’t deliver the bacon. It had a 28mm x4 zoom lens with a macro distance of 20cm […]

Canon releases 4 new PowerShots – A1400, A2600, ELPH 130 and N

Canon released at CES 2013 4 new PowerShots, starting what seems to be a bottom-up process. These are budget friendly, more on the simple side kind of cameras, which still give enough juice to justify having them alongside a smartphone’s camera. Or do they? PowerShot A1400 Replacing the PowerShot A1300, which is one of the […]

Pre- Black Friday rebates on Canon PowerShots

More than a few Canon PowerShots are currently on rebate, prior to upcoming Black Friday sales. (See my “Black Friday Rebates & Specials” page for the latest updates on all rebates running on all compact cameras from all brands) There’s no knowing what rebates Canon or the various stores will be holding when the time comes, […]